About Kaepa

Kaepa is a globally-minded, authentic brand designing and creating products for the passionate athlete. We’ve been around for decades and craft products that live up to those same long-lasting standards. We built a brand with one intention in mind: listen to the community and create products that will change their lives for the better. Whether you’re just getting started, or aiming for the gold on the competitive stage, we’re here for you every step of the way. We’re here to help every athlete accomplish what they set out to achieve.

Our Story

It all started in Texas in 1975 with a tennis shoe and a unique lacing system. While competing in a tennis match, our founder’s shoelace broke. Not wanting to quit mid-match, he had to think fast. He retired his broken shoelaces in the middle and the top for a temporary fix.

What was an inconvenient roadblock became an impactful realization when he noticed how much sturdier his shoes felt with this new lacing method. Since this initial discovery, Kaepa’s heritage has always been rooted in innovation and entrepreneurship.

In 1990, we launched the All-American — the first cheer specific shoe. This single cheerleading breakthrough product began our mission to provide athletes with cheerleading footwear that is technologically advanced and creatively superior.Our desire to innovate didn’t stop there. In 1992, Kaepa introduced the most advanced cheerleading shoe in the country: The Kaepa Radical Grip™. To this day, we’re working tirelessly to create shoes with the newest technology while staying true to our “never quit” heritage.

Thoughtfully designed to perform as strongly as you do.

We make high-quality, fashionable, durable products for every stage of your athletic journey. This is Kaepa.

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